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Your Lifelong Opportunity

HOLD EVERYTHING! Society has it all wrong. Our culture, though well meaning, unwittingly puts us on a path to end-of-life disappointment, depression, anger, and loss of purpose, vitality, earnings and freedom.

How? Through outdated research. Obsolete norms. Lowered expectations. And devastating myths. Leaving you thinking you’ll live 10 to 20 years less than you actually will. Stripping you of dignity, vitality and well being. Depriving you of decades of health, wealth and happiness.

We call it the Culturally Conforming Conveyor Belt™ and it’s leading you inevitably toward the Killer Ds: early mental and social Disengagement, accelerated financial and physical Decline, and, sorry to be so blunt, premature Death.

Do yourself a huge favor. Get off that conveyor belt! Starting right here, right now when you download your free video course.

Discover the Secrets to Achieving the Life You’ve Always Envisioned, and Overcome the Obstacles Currently Standing in Your Way!

Introducing: The Vital Long Life Fast Start Success Course!

Vital Long Life Fast Start Success Workbook:

Grasping new planning concepts and incorporating new mindsets into your life can be overwhelming! To help enhance your learning throughout this course we’ve developed the Vital Long Life Fast Start Success Workbook. This follow-along, fill-in-the-blank style workbook will provide an excellent reinforcement of all that you’re learning, all in an easy-to-follow outline.

The Possibilities Explosion:

Throughout the Possibilities Explosion worksheet, you will learn how much the culturally conforming conveyor belt is constraining your life, how important it is to make a daily investment in yourself, how to take simple, first steps towards greater lifelong vitality, and much, much more. It will enable you to begin re-discovering what you really want in life, start applying the major vital principles, and make an immediate quantum change or begin making a progressive change using the Rapid Reset tools amongst other things.

Vitality Gap Bridge Builder:

Want to be able to make rapid, positive changes in Body, Money, and Relationships? To bridge the vitality gap and counteract the impact of all your learning experiences you must employ techniques that are just as powerful. This worksheet will help you employ those techniques!

Course Breakdown:

Video 1
  • Lesson 1: Understanding why you struggle to make Purposeful, Permanent, Positive Changes in your life
  • Lesson 2: Why most people believe they will die 10 – 20 years sooner than they actually will
  • Lesson 3: What life expectancy really means
  • Lesson 4: How the Culturally Conforming Conveyor Belt™ keeps people on a path to early mental and social Disengagement, accelerated physical Decline, and premature Death (The Killer Ds™)
  • Lesson 5: What science proves is possible and how we are equipped to live to 120 years old
  • Lesson 6: How to bridge the Vitality Gap and enjoy lifelong health, wealth and happiness
Video 2
  • Lesson 1: Understanding what a Transformational Learning Experience™ is
  • Lesson 2: Why people think they do what they want, when they want, for their own reasons when nothing could be further from the truth
  • Lesson 3: The Possibilities Explosion™: an exercise that will forever change how you see your future
  • Lesson 4: How your Possibilities Explosion can immediately help you make Purposeful, Permanent, Positive Changes in your life
  • Lesson 5: How to make what you just learn last a lifetime
Video 3
  • Lesson 1: Why growing older is inevitable but aging is optional
  • Lesson 2: How to avoid the Killer Ds™
  • Lesson 3: The myths that keep you comfortably riding the Culturally Conforming Conveyor Belt™
  • Lesson 4: Inspiring and powerful Vital Lifelong Alignment success stories
  • Lesson 5: The benefits of participating in the Vital Lifelong alignment program.

What You’re About To Discover:

  • What’s causing us to feel old, overweight and out of shape.
  • Why our relationships with family and friends may be suffering.
  • Why you can’t sleep at night worrying about money and retirement.
  • The three most important questions you’ve never been asked.
  • The secret to making rapid, permanent, positive changes in your life.
  • How to turn the traditional torture years into vital bonus years.
  • Powerful myths you must overcome to transform your life.
  • How to tap into an explosion of new possibilities.
  • Bridging the vitality gap between the life you want vs. the life you have.
  • And how the Vital Lifelong Alignment Program makes it all possible.


I thought my retirement would be fun, but now I see it was actually killing me.

John B.

Based on my experience… this is the real thing! Before Vital Lifelong Alignment, I could already feel myself shutting down. It has completely changed the way I look at my life and how long I’m going to live. What you can gain is the potential to live a fuller, richer life the rest of your life, however long that turns out to be. How good is that?

Doug C.

Don’t make a major decision about your time or money until you’ve gone through the program for at least 6 months.

Joel K.

Meet Your Instructor
T. Mark Pace

T. Mark Pace

I spend my time discovering and helping people take advantage of the opportunities hidden behind the assumptions we make.

For example, hidden behind our assumption about how short life is supposed to be is an amazingly powerful set of tools everyone possesses. To help the world take advantage of these tools and realize their full potential, I created the Vital Lifelong Alignment program. I have now made it my life’s work to help everyone understand how long they can actually live and to teach them how to use the God-given tools they were born with to live every day as vitally as possible.

Here’s some bio stuff you may find interesting:

  • I have spent over 30 years learning about longevity and how it impacts our lives
  • I am a nationally renowned speaker and author
  • I deliver platform level presentations as well as workshops for smaller groups

Do not spend another day trapped on a conveyor belt to certain self-defeat! This life-changing video course will give you what you need to make your future vastly more happy and fulfilling.

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