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By watching The Three Most Important Questions… You’ve Never Been Asked, you will learn how our culture has set you up to believe you are supposed to die a lot sooner than you likely will. In fact, most people believe they will die 10 to 20 years before they actually will. It will also explain what science and all of the happy, healthy centenarians we’ve studied prove is possible – we are meant to live vital, happy and healthy lives to as old as age 120! There’s great news! Our program has proven that just knowing how long you can live, inspires you to make immediate positive changes to how you live today.



A practical introduction to the program in which you will learn how the program works and the time you will need, who we are and what we believe, the personal beliefs that could get in your way, the negative feelings that could hold you back, and the challenges you will face. The introduction will show you a “before” and “after” portrait of what the program has caused for other members as well as the results you can expect. Once you have completed this module, you will realize that you’ve made a wise decision and why it could be the most important investment of time and money you’ve ever made.


The Possibilities Explosion is the program’s primary transformational learning experience. This module will give you the first glimpse of how you are not living the life you want and instead you are living the life you think you have to live. Throughout the Possibilities Explosion workshop, you will learn how much the culturally conforming conveyor belt is constraining your life, how important it is to make a daily investment in yourself, how to take simple, first steps towards greater lifelong vitality, and much, much more. It will enable you to begin re-discovering what you really want in life, start applying the major vital principles, and make an immediate quantum change or begin making a progressive change using the Rapid Reset tools amongst other things. By the end of the Possibilities Explosion you will know what you really want to do with your life and how to get it done; quickly, easily and automatically.


The vital age is an exercise based on one of the core centenarian habits: always feeling younger than middle age. You will learn that growing older is not aging, most of what we call aging is misdiagnosed illness; ageism and avoidance of “bad news,” genes are unjustly blamed for aging and illness, and the importance of keeping your “seeking system” active. It will enable you to recognize the existing beliefs, habits, and practices that are harmful, start feeling youthful every day for the rest of your life, make decisions that are more aligned with what you really want (instead of what you think you should have…and stay off the culturally conforming conveyor belt), recognize when you are activating your seeking system…and when you are shutting it down, and avoid crossing the vitality threshold. Lastly, you will know what it is like to feel young every day and how to make great decisions that align with feeling your vital age.


The Habits of Successful Centenarians is a uniquely positive examination of the habits of healthy and happy centenarians and an unconventional yet logical and compelling way to live. You will learn that you were born with everything you need to enjoy lifelong vitality, the power of aligning your body, brains, and self-image, how to begin integrating each of the habits into your own personal practices and create what we call habitual rituals in your life. It will show you the importance of permanent, purposeful participation in life, feeling youthful every day for the rest of your life, and permanently utilizing your seeking, striving, and creating systems. By the end of the module you will know that it is actually possible for you to enjoy lifelong vitality and if others can do it, you can do it too.



The baseline assessment is a powerful tool that will guide you in making the best use of the program and the tools in the Life Alignment Gym. You will learn that as people make progress, they forget where they started as well as the importance of tracking and celebrating your progress. It will enable you to create a permanent record of where you started, accurately track your progress, and use the right tools at the right time. By the end of this module, you will know where you’ve been, where you’re going, why you’re going there, and how to get there quickly.


You will learn about each of the vital principles that are the foundation of the program. You will learn all of the principles that will make the program work for you in addition to how to adapt your practices to manage change and realize new opportunities. It will show you how the principles become part of how you are and how you live, to use the principles to build your own personal practices, to adapt and evolve your personal practices, and make sound decisions easily and quickly.In the end, you will know that there is a deep wisdom and truth that resonates for you.


The rapid reset button is the primary daily tool for making rapid change. You will learn how to apply the creativity formula, detailed steps for making rapid changes, how to overcome the known – and unknown – obstacles that inevitably arise when making changes, and making changes gets easier as your confidence in using the VLA tools grows. It will enable you to escape the problem-solving mindset and the “what doesn’t work” downward spiral and turn resolutions into positive, effective action. By the end of the rapid reset button you will know that you have a tool at hand and ready for use in any situation or opportunity, you are empowered by the positive forward progress of “what does work,” and you are the master of your world.



The vital life list is a transformative learning experience similar to the rapid reset but much more comprehensive. You will learn how to dig more deeply into what really matters most to you and how to make even better use of your reset button. It will show you how to make life-changing decisions about what is worth doing, who is worth doing it with, and how you will get it done. In the end you will know what the life you really want looks like and how it will replace the one you think you should be living, how to manage and not be sucked into the push back you will receive from family, friends, business associates, and society in general as well as how to use your completed worksheet to help your planning team help you make the changes necessary for you to live the life you really want.


The complete wealth ecosystem is a life-changing breakthrough in understanding the true nature of your wealth. You will learn that there is much more to wealth than money and possessions and that purposefully managing your human and social wealth in harmony with your financial wealth creates a lasting foundation for living the life of your dreams. It will show you how to immediately adjust how, where and with whom you invest your time, effort and passion, empower the achievement of your Vital Life List, and protect and enhance your ability to afford everything you want and need in the future. You will know that you are wealthier than you think, how to nurture your assets in all areas of your life, and the true meaning of being wealthy.

Your Life Alignment Gym

This is the main page of the gym. It helps you instantly see what you’ve done, the results you’ve achieved and what’s next.

The Possibilities Explosion

This is the worksheet you complete during the workshop and the place for recording your workshop results.

The Baseline Assessment

This is the worksheet you complete during the workshop and the place for recording your workshop results.

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I thought my retirement would be fun, but now I see it was actually killing me.

John B.

Based on my experience… this is the real thing! Before Vital Lifelong Alignment, I could already feel myself shutting down. It has completely changed the way I look at my life and how long I’m going to live. What you can gain is the potential to live a fuller, richer life the rest of your life, however long that turns out to be. How good is that?

Doug C.

Don’t make a major decision about your time or money until you’ve gone through the program for at least 6 months.

Joel K.


If after seeing the entire Vital Lifelong Alignment Gym you don’t feel you are on your way to living the life of your dreams, let us know and we’ll refund 100% of your investment!