The Alignment Integrator

Outcomes delivered: Personal coaching and guidance helps you begin doing what you need to start living the life of your dreams

Description: DOINGTwo personal coaching calls and one facilitation call

Recommended Duration: 6 months

Cost: $297 per month (Additional family @ $50/month/member)

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  • Everything in The Vitality Activator
  • Getting Started Session: Orientation and setting coaching preferences More info
  • 2 Transformational Learning Experiences – with personal, live coaching More info
Outcomes delivered
When you participate in The Alignment Integrator, you will be doing what it takes to start living the life of your dreams. You will be:

  • Deeply understanding and utilizing everything you’re learning
    • Regularly using Transformative Learning Experiences regularly to make rapid changes that align with what you really want in your life
    • Making changes that cause explosions of more possibilities to occur
    • Beginning to build your practices based on the Vital Principles
    • Increasingly aware of how it feels when your seeking system is activated and when it is being de-activated
    • Equipped to keep your seeking system active and make rapid, sustainable changes towards living the life you really want
      • Common examples:
        • Lose weight, improve fitness
        • Fix or repair chronic health and body issues
        • Rekindle or strengthen important relationships
        • Organize and focus your finances
        • Take more time off
        • Find the time and money for the trip you’ve always dreamt about
        • Career/business change
        • Completely rethinking your concept of retirement
        • Engage in your deepest purpose
Getting Started Session: Orientation and coaching preferences
  • A how-to guided tour of the online resources and program
  • Exploring and setting your coaching preferences
    • Choosing your VLA coach
    • Scheduling your Transformational Learning Experiences

Available additional support and coaching overview

2 Transformational Learning Experiences – with personal, live coaching
  • Rapid Reset & Reset Button
  • Your Vital Life List