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Doug Carter has helped some of the biggest names put teeth into their coaching programs. Tony Robbins, Michael Gerber, Bill Bachrach among many others have worked with Doug to bring some of their ideas and desires to life.

For 36 years, I’ve been helping other people grow and develop and change the way they look at their life. I have seen many competitive programs that sound better than they work. So, when I experienced the Possibilities Explosion, I have to tell you, I was surprised at the results. It altered the way I look at how long I'll live, how healthy I'll be, my relationship with the people around me, my financial well being, everything changed.

I had just turned 65 when I first went through the Possibilities Explosion, and, up to that moment, I thought that I would do the same thing my grandfathers had done, my father had done, and that was to get to around age 65 and hang it up. I could already feel myself shutting down.

The explosion opened up my thinking; I recognized that I'm not going to retire at age 65, or 66, or 69, or whenever. I no longer have an established age for when I'm going to retire. Why? Because I recognize, I love what I do. I've been doing it for a long time. I have a group of friends and clients that I talk to on a biweekly basis, and I don't have to change that. Since my new thought is to continue to work, I'm going to continue to earn an income. I don't have to take social security or tap into my retirement program until a time that I have to. As a result of that, I have more discretionary income, which is pretty interesting.

I've gone through the Possibilities Explosion four times. Each time, I have access to a deeper and different understanding because I'm walking in with a new understanding of my possibilities. I’ve realized that if I continue to fund my retirement program, then my kids or my family get more money, but what's equally interesting is that if I continue to work, I don’t have to put the money aside. Instead, I will have the money to do things now with my children and my wife now that I would've otherwise had to put off. This has completely changed the way I look at my life and how long I'm going to live, and my plans on how to accomplish it.

I don't know if it's something you should do or shouldn't do, but I have to tell you, based on my experience, and I've been involved in a lot of programs over the years that made a lot of different claims, this is the real thing. You lose nothing in taking this alignment. What you gain is the potential to live a fuller, richer life the rest of your life, however long that turns out to be. How good is that?

February 2, 2016

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