The Lifelong Accelerator

Our most popular and best value program… but only if you are serious about living the life of your dreams!!!)

Outcomes delivered: Monthly personal coaching and guidance gives you the tools, support, inspiration and courage to live the life of your dreams

Description: Six personal coaching calls & six facilitation calls

Recommended Duration: 12 months

Cost: $497 per month (Additional Family @ $100/month/member)

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  • Everything from The Vitality Activator
  • 4 Educational Sessions More info
  • 8 Transformational Learning Experiences – with personal, live coaching More info
Outcomes delivered
Choosing The Lifelong Accelerator will give you the tools, support, inspiration and courage you need to be living the life of your dreams!

  • You know how to immediately counteract the Culturally Conforming Conveyor Belt when it tries to regain influence
  • Your Seeking System will be consistently engaged
  • You will be regularly using all of the Vital Lifelong Alignment tools
  • You will part of a community of like-minded people who will help you stay on track
  • You will build a set of personal support relationships
  • These resources and people will help counteract the powerfully toxic and poisonous cultural forces all around you
  • You will have an evolving set of personal practices for living according to the Habits of Healthy Centenarians and the Vital Principles (e.g.: journaling, meditating, and celebrating progress)
  • You will have be inspired and have the courage to persist with living the life of your dreams
4 Educational Sessions
  • Session #1: Getting Started – orientation and setting your coaching preferences and schedule
  • Session #2: Using your Reset Button & Journaling 101
  • Session #3: Celebrating the Art of Celebration
  • Session #4: Assessing your Complete Wealth Ecosystem
8 Transformational Learning Experiences
  • Your Vital Age & The Habits of Healthy Centenarians
  • Rapid Reset #1 & Reset Button
  • Habitual Rituals: Journaling & Celebration
  • The Vital Lifelong Principles
  • Your Vital Life List
  • Possibilities Explosion #2
  • Growing Your Complete Wealth Ecosystem
  • Realizing Your Vital Life List