I realize that there are times that I wait, wait too long, for something to happen that I want to have happen. I know what I want in my life and yet I don’t take action quickly enough to make it happen. Or I create a problem and believe it might fix itself if I just wait a bit longer.

I was waiting until;

· we make a million,

· the right business partner comes along,

· we can retire,

In some ways, I literally wait to live the life I want. This feels like I am in a constant state of waiting and that is frustrating.

Limiting beliefs kept me in the same place for several years. Spring cleaning is a wonderful thing because I found my journal from the time we just moved to the mountains five years ago. I was optimistic and positive my world was going to shift into high gear. In the physical ways it did, I hike and ski now. I ride my bike on mountain trails and appreciate natural beauty on a daily basis. Goal setting helps to move us toward what we want and we had done that. And yet I am still waiting; waiting for others to decide on their plans, looking for just the right circumstances and seeking the right kind of happiness, the happiness that would give me the impetus to act in another big move again.

Living in the mountains was not the panacea I thought it would be. Certainly, it was the right move for our lives however, I notice I have still been waiting for something to line up.

And it is this waiting that Healthy Centenarians know is detrimental to our happiness. Healthy Centenarians know that we do not seek happiness but, that happiness finds us. It is important to make the shift that we do not try to find happiness but live happily now. Happiness is not dependent on anything outside of myself (a job, a man/woman or anything else), I can begin to allow and accept a wider range of external circumstance and find joy in my own presence no matter how imperfect my current circumstances are.

As I acknowledge that there are many more life experiences that would make me happy than the ones I deem perfect, I change my limiting beliefs about what would bring me happiness and live now.

Don’t wait for Opportunity. Create It without an expectation of what the outcome must be. And do it as soon as you have the hunger. Feed it and avoid the “Law of Diminishing Intent” which states: “The longer you wait to do something you wish do now, the greater the odds that you will never actually do it.” A concept originated by Jim Rohn, it was John Maxwell who later wrote about it in, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. Ideas or positive action steps that sit become ever more likely not to happen.

Those individuals who live long and happy lives know not to get caught up with the Law of Diminishing Intent waiting for the perfect circumstances or the ideal outcome. The time was long past that I wanted to move on from my present work situation and yet I hesitated. Perhaps it might work out in time. The income was good and I liked the daily accomplishment though I wasn’t happy with many of the changes I was seeing. I couldn’t leave because I hadn’t created anything other than what I was living.

As I read my journal, I realized I hadn’t moved here to find a job that would make me feel perpetually frustrated. I could and would create a positive outcome that gives as much satisfaction as hiking with my dog Mac.

I notice that there are three keys that keep me focused on the allowing and acceptance of my current circumstance and the creation of opportunity and they fit with how happy and healthy centenarians live. I hope they will bring you the same kick start to take action (notice they all mention NOW) and result in inner peace:

Key #1 Speak to Now: We often speak using the future tense “Someday I will lose weight”. Change your language to the present tense “I am exercising more”. When you speak using the present tense, you are impressing on your subconscious mind that whatever you want is happening now.

You are not saying that it has happened (surely you also have that little negative voice and it will remind you of your current state), you are saying that it is happening and that is powerful. That’s acknowledging the present and taking action with small steps forward. Speak with authority, knowing that you are creating and recreating with every word. It’s amazing how impressing new ideas into your subconscious mind, often helps you take the right steps, even unconsciously.

Key # 2 Ask What You Need to Do Right Now: Be less preoccupied with what you are waiting for in the future and what will happen next. Set goals for what you want to achieve and focus on the daily actions that will help you achieve those goals. Instead of worrying about or waiting for the future, ask yourself “what can I do today to create the tomorrow, next week and the next year that I desire?” Life is often about asking yourself the right questions at the right time.

Today has something to show you, to teach you and to give you. Make the most of today and the future will take shape accordingly. If you can’t be trusted with what you have now, how can you be trusted with more? When you can be happy at every stage of your journey more joy and happiness will find its way to you.

Key # 3 Feel Joy Now: Challenges will always present themselves in your life, but how you deal with them is a matter of choice. Feel joy now because you were born to face any challenge that comes your way. Know that challenges come to test what you already know or shift your thinking/actions, see them for what they are instead of a hindrance to your ideal life.

Take time to quiet your mind daily from all the negativity; seek inner guidance and listen to your intuition and intent. If you do not know the answer now, trust it will come or the path will show up when it needs to. Take the time to listen to yourself and your current world.

Your Daily Reset Reminder:

Stop waiting for happiness.

Act now with intention.

Happiness is yours.