Are your assumptions killing your dreams?

Does any of this sound familiar? 

“You can only do so much with what you have”;
“Never mind being overweight, you are a very accomplished man”;
“Be a lawyer, professors don’t make enough money”;
“Marry the richer man, life will be easier for you.”

If we’ve taken this type of advice seriously, we begin to run our lives based on many false assumptions about what other people say and what society tells us about how things work. We absorb and act on a lifetime of assumptions coming from truly sincere, well-meaning individuals and the world around us.

Whatever the advice and subsequent assumption, when we make assumptions into beliefs life will turn out differently than we desire. We too often end up experiencing disappointment when the life we are leading and our dreams do not match.

What false assumptions or beliefs affect you? You know that one thing you wish you could get done that circles back around and never seems to get handled? That thought you’ve had that dulls the angst, “When I have time, I will write that book.” Or, “I really don’t want to retire but I am 65.” Or, “I am getting older so I suppose these extra 20 pounds are here to stay.” Or even, “I always wanted to surf in Hawaii but my wife likes to travel together.” Whatever the assumption, it hurts you even if you seem inured to the pain.

Your current environment of cultural assumptions saps your vitality and your ability to reach toward your dreams. Then you placate yourself with pap. (The creator of the Vital Lifelong Alignment, Mark Pace speaks to this, “Our normal reaction to stress is acquisition and aversion.”) Many of us hold onto or grab for pieces of “the proverbial pie” instead of working toward the things we truly desire. It’s killing you!

Many of us seem to be able to reach for one or two of things we deeply and personally believe will make us successful… in a manner true to who we really are and what we dream of becoming or accomplishing. But, we also seem to be dropping the ball in many other areas of life.

What’s the answer? Life constantly brings change, but only a conscious redirection of your assumptions will redirect you toward achieving your true desires. The more quickly you identify any false assumptions you may be living from, the more energized you will be.

To have it all and give it all, all that you dream of, you need to learn to align your conscious and subconscious systems to seek, strive and create what you want and stop waiting for some inevitable change from the outside to make it happen.

One of Vital Lifelong Alignment’s most powerful and most repeated workshops is the Rapid Reset Button. It is where program members go to identify a continuous stream of Reset Projects. Resets move you into actively seeking and striving to create what you desire in each and every area of your life. A reset lets you see where you are being held back by the cultural assumptions and age-old advice from others. Resets literally reset your vitality… your ability to seek, strive and create, the God-given gifts you were born with and have forgotten to use.

This week’s reset reminder asks you to check in. How am I doing? Half way through this week, what needs attention? A reset project is a reality check and realignment with what your heart desires. Resets remind you to reach for the life of your dreams; the one that will sustains you and allow you to live in alignment with who you are and what you really want.

Seek, strive and create life by tackling one of the reset projects from your Vital Life List.  Remember who you are and don’t compromise especially not to take a ride the “Culturally Conforming Conveyor Belt. On the conveyor belt, you react to change with stress and disappointment. It could be why you might find yourself tired, never having enough time to do the things you would like, over weight, wanting more money or more of something else.

We jump on the conveyor belt making assumptions about ourselves and the belt takes us towards premature decline, disability and too early death. We compromise, try to satisfy others and hide what really matters to us. We might still have hope for the future but the belt takes us past the places of true satisfaction and happiness along a path that comes to a dead end.

Using reset technology gets you off the conveyor belt. True satisfaction and new thrill come from lining up your true purpose with the actions that matter to you. Imagine that daily or weekly check in keeping you focused and effective. Resets generate action on the things that matter to you and allow you to meet rapid change head on with empowerment.  All because you distinguish the assumptions placing you on the conveyor belt.  Working on resets will pop you off the belt and set you down on your own road, less traveled for certain but, especially suited to you. Dare to dream and set your own direction.

In the movie City Slickers, Jack Palance’s Curly tells Billy Crystal’s Mitch, “One thing” and Mitch wonders, “What’s that one thing?” That one thing might seem to be different for everyone but I say that the critical one thing is getting clear when assumptions set you firmly on the conveyor belt and you need a boost to get off. Use your reset projects to get that boost and kill the assumptions.