As we enter the last week of January, let’s continue to take a deeper look at our goals regarding our BODIES and the concept of action versus activity. Many of you have expressed the sentiment that it has been challenging for you to take desired actions toward your goals this month. You are not alone! January can have a lot of ups and downs. Most of us struggle with coming back into alignment with sustainable routines, habits and schedules. It is an effort to get out of “holiday mode”. The rainy and cold weather that most of the country has been experiencing doesn’t make for wanting to jump out of bed and eat leafy green salads and hit the gym! How do we move back toward alignment? How do we get back into our exercise routines and eating healthy meals instead of sugary treats and comfort foods? Your support team at Vital Long Life Alignment contends that you must find that place of INSPIRED ACTION in order to make lasting changes!

For those of you who have completed your Possibilities Explosion and Rapid Reset worksheets- it may be beneficial to laminate them and glance at them several times a day. It may also be beneficial for you to look at the description and feelings of your current reality and then pull the thread once again to a future reality in which you have not made any changes in the areas you know you need to modify. How does it FEEL? How do YOU FEEL? If your response is something like – “MISERABLE” – hold that feeling for just a moment. Now look up to the description of your desired change and how you would FEEL if you were to accomplish the change! If your response was something like JOYFUL or POWERFUL- hold that feeling. See yourself succeeding! Feel the positive emotions of how it would feel for your to loose that 20 pounds and keep it off. Imagine all of the new activities you could do! Imagine all of the new ENERGY you would have to create even more awesome possibilities for you and your loved ones! Do you have your WHY? Do you have your INSPIRATION?

Feeling overwhelmed? That’s o.k.. Break your action plan into small one step pieces! What is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you could do TODAY in order to achieve your goal? Do that thing! It is important to be LOVING toward yourself. Somedays it just isn’t possible to go for the gold. Instead of hitting the gym- it may be a good day to grab your journal and spend some time connecting with your inner self and aligning from the inside out! Remember- every step forward will open new doors and possibilities!

Here is today’s Vital Reset ReMINDer:

“Be aware of the big difference between inspired action and activity. Activity comes from the brain-mind and is rooted in disbelief and lack of faith- you are taking action to “make” your desire happen. Inspired action is allowing the law to work through you and to move you. Activity feels hard. Inspired action feels wonderful.” Rhonda Byrne

My very best wishes for an exceptional day and to your long and vital life.