First Reset Reminder of 2018: Here’s to a VITAL 2018!

Happy Vital New Year!  I hope you had a wonderful celebration to end to 2017.  For many, the celebration was the best part of 2017. Now we are on to 2018.  I hope you are ready.

The first week of 2018 is now written in the books. You may already forget the special, perhaps peaceful time you spent during the holidays.  The daily routines of life can return to intrude almost too quickly. During my time off, I found myself thinking of YOU, hoping that you had many moments of peace.  They are so precious.

Taking time away from the obligations of life seems very important during the holidays.  I hope you indeed enjoyed the freedom of that.  It will be, oh so important to remember that sense of freedom during the coming year rather than waiting for other such moments next December. So stay in the peace of the holiday season for a bit.  Staying in the peace will give you the transition power to turn to 2018.

It is early in the new year.  You have 12 months to make what you will of 2018.  What will you make of these 12 months?  It is VITAL that you look at the coming months before picking up the obligations you laid down around the middle of December.  DO NOT rush out into the year without looking at your priorities. LOOK and ask yourself, what will you do?  Then sit with it for a bit to create a powerful intention and plan.

You have twelve months to get great things accomplished and if this is to be, you must take time to reflect and get clear about the year ahead.  For each of the upcoming 12 months I’ve listed one question that can help you reflect in a purposeful way, instilling more awareness and intentionality into the coming year.  Do not wait for each month to respond, these questions are all critical to a powerful plan for the year.  Spend some time now before life takes a hold again.

Here are 12 questions to create clarity: 6 to complete the past and 6 to look forward…

  1. What went well in 2017?  Remember the good things that happened.  We are wired to remember what went wrong.  Remembering the good will provide the fuel to fire you up for the future.
  2. What were the best moments of your 2017?  Why is this so?  This is not the same as the previous question, what went well.  It’s about the moments where everything was simply perfect.  Why was it perfect?  Dig down deep to mine these moments. Strengthen awareness of your values.  Then use those values to live by and create many more perfect moments!
  3. Who will you acknowledge? Acknowledging others is something not done often enough and is the greatest gift you can give another as well as yourself.
  4. How have you grown in the past 12 months?  If you have a negative or neutral answer for this you haven’t created big enough goals.  Create goals to become a better version of yourself by the end of 2018.  How big will you grow?
  5. What is not working?  Much of this kind of reflection is designed to have you think in a positive way and yet if you cannot acknowledge what is not working you will stay stuck. Times and conditions will change.  What are you putting up with that needs changing?
  6. What needs to be left in the past? We all have experiences or parts of ourselves that can hold us back from greatness.   What do you need to clean out or let go of to be ready to face the coming year from a clean space or mindset?  This could be as simple as cleaning out your office or might be sweeping the cobwebs out of your soul.
  7. What doorways will be open to you in 2018? Are there any changes you need to prepare so you can open them up and enter?  Naming these can sharpen your focus and planning so you are ready when it is time to walk through.
  8. Who will you connect with in 2018? We all need people but busyness gets in the way. What relationships need attention? Take the time to tune in to both yourself and others in your world.
  9. What kind of person will you become?  What roles you play are important to you? You wear many; at work, partnerships, parenting etc.  How are you showing up in each of them?  Where do you want to be better?
  10. What do you want most in 2018? What will you declare? Write your goals down.  Make them specific, measurable and concrete and speak them a loud.
  11. How will you make these goals happen? Naming the goal is only the start.  Back it up with a plan, commitment and action.  What will you do?  It’s not needed to have all the answers right now but return here to ensure you accomplish what you are willing to declare.

What theme or mantra will you be guided by in 2018? Is there a theme, mantra or powerful question would guide you through the months to come?  Guidance will help define your intentions and call you into action through the days of the year.  Big goals or changes require a big calling.  My question for 2018 is, How can I be more VITAL right now?

How VITAL will you be?

Let’s Toast to a VITAL 2018!

Let's Toast to 2018