If not now- when?

How often do you find yourself tossing that question around in your mind?

Most of us tend to put certain things off- especially those things that make us feel “out of our comfort zone”. We go about our lives tending to the things that show up on a daily basis and rationalize that there will be time for those things at a later date.

Sometimes, “later” never comes. We now call those “maybe later” things a “Bucket List”!

So, what’s on your personal Bucket List? What things have you been dreaming of or talking about for years that you still have not taken the initiative to make a reality?

At a certain point in our lives, we must get clear about who and what is important. We must clear our desks and our calendars in order to make the time for those people or activities. There comes a time when we must ask ourselves profound questions such as, “If I am the Creator of my world- what do I want my world to look like”?

Another question that begs consideration is “How do I give back”?

Mark Pace, Founder of the Vital Life Long Alignment and The Vital Life Institute asked himself this deeply thought provoking question. The answers he came up with prompted him into action and “new possibilities”!

Instead of winding things down and planning a very leisurely and fruitful “retirement”, Mark has put everything on the line and started a company that’s sole mission and purpose is to “Give back” and set the world on fire with new Possibilities and people living consciously into their full purpose and potential! The Vital Life Institute was founded in order to share the wisdom and insights that have been gathered by Mark over his entire career.

Did you ever stop to think that maybe all of those years you looked at as gaining “mastery” were really just that- you were still “in training”! Some may say that just about the time our “Culture” encourages us to hang up our hat and “retire”- that is the time in which we are now ready to play the role of the “Yoda”! Think how fulfilling and rewarding it would be to pass all of that wisdom and knowledge that you have gained over the years to the next generation or to other people that can benefit!

In a Chicago Tribune article entitled, “Be generous, it’s a simple way to stay healthier”, writer Terri Yablonsky Stat states: “If there’s a magic pill for being happy and longevity, we may have found it!” Countless studies show that generosity, both volunteering and charitable donations, benefits young and old, physically and psychologically.

The benefits of giving are significant, according to those studies: lower blood pressure, lower risks of dementia, less anxiety and depression, reduced cardiovascular risks, and overall greater happiness.

Intuition tells us that giving more to oneself is the best way to be happy. But that’s not the case, according to Dan Ariely, professor of behavioral economics and psychology at Duke University.

Studies show that when people think about helping others, they activate a part go the brain called the mesolimbic pathway, which is responsible for feelings of gratification. Helping others produces all sorts of beneficial happiness chemicals, such as dopamine, endorphins that block pain signals and oxytocin, the tranquility hormone.

Have you thought about being a mentor? Many studies have been done with children between the ages of 10 and 16. Research finds that the group of young people who are matched up with a mentor- are consistently less likely to begin using drugs, 27 percent less likely to use alcohol, 53 percent less likely to skip school, more confidant in their ability to perform schoolwork, less likely to hit someone and more likely to get along better with their families. In a 1989 Louis Harris poll, 73 percent of students said their mentors helped raise their goals and expectations in life. 59 percent of mentored students improved their grades. As you can see, mentoring can mean the difference between success and failure to a generation of kids at risk.

It goes without saying that there are many emotional and health benefits of mentoring people within your community: fulfillment, purpose, enjoyment, wellbeing, engagement, renewed zest for life, improved self esteem and overall increased happiness!

While we are on the subject of mentoring, let’s not forget that it is never too late to gift yourself with a Mentor of your own! The Vital Life Institute has a team of Vital Life Coaches available to guide you through the program and hold you accountable to your own personal growth and expansion!

One of the Vital Life Philosophies is to continuously ask yourself WHAT and WHO matters most? Do you have that clarity? Are you willing and able to tell your Vital Truths? Are you energized and enthusiastic about living into your Vital Truths?

If not now… when?

Here is today’s Vital Reset ReMINDer:

“What wishes to come through you, and only your fears keep you from serving it.” James Hollis

My very best wishes for an exceptional day and to your long and vital life.