According to former football coach Hall of Famer Lou Holtz – “You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth”!

Yep! You heard me- We were all born with silver spoons in our mouths!

Born January 6, 1937, Holtz has spent his life inspiring football players to bring forth their own personal excellence and to work together for a common goal. At the ripe young age of 80- he now inspires people to do the same.

In a recent speech he made to a graduating class, he said, “Why was I born with a silver spoon in my mouth? Because I was taught by my parents that life is all a matter of making choices. Wherever you are- good or bad- is because of the choices you have made. Don’t blame anybody else. Work hard, educate yourself- take responsibility for the choices and actions you make.”

Your choices matter. During any given day, you make hundreds of choices and to some degree- they all matter! Whether you start your day with a green smoothie or a diet Pepsi before you run out the door or whether you sit at your desk all day long with the door closed having take out delivered or go outside and take a nice walk to enjoy a healthy lunch with friends. These choices really do affect the quality of your day – and over time- your life.

By in large, your primary choices will affect you the most. Whether you get married, have children, take a job, buy a home, start a business, save money, invest in your health, take risks and Retire- or NOT! The quality of your life will always be a direct result of the choices you make.

Good choices come from drawing on wisdom! Bad choices come from a place of “I want- I need- I feel- right now!” Wisdom allows us to make choices that will give us the desired results we truly want- over time. Wisdom brings us the patience and a steadfast consistency necessary in order to stay the course.

We all make mistakes and get out of alignment- how do we correct our position? Start making good choices! Large and small- they all matter in the emotional field! When you make a good choice- no matter how small- your body says “YEAH”!

The Vitalign System was designed to help you identify the areas in which you are out of alignment with your Ideal Life. Once you have conscious *“Felt-Meaning” about these areas, the Hands On Transformational Experiences immediately create “instantaneous reset and alignment”. The experiences help you identify and sustain simple and doable actions and choices that will lead you to the outcomes that you desire.

According to Doug Carter, a renowned International Coach that serves on the Board of Directors for The Vital Longevity Institute, “It is important to recognize that nothing changes until we say- where do I want to go from here?” Carter also states that those areas of our lives that we have come to identify as “problems” – are actually “conditions that need to be managed over time”.

Are there some areas of your own life in which you are coping? Are there conditions in your life in which you are beginning to feel hopeless and a rock bottom despair about? Have you tried to change and failed so many times that you are ready to give up? Are you feeling that you just don’t have anything left for anybody- least of all yourself?

You matter! Investing in yourself is the greatest investment you can make. In turn, it will enhance and create new possibilities for all who you love and hold most dear.

In closing, we invite you to take five minutes and watch this incredibly inspirational video of Coach Lou Holtz giving a graduation speech! Learn the 3 most important lessons he wishes he had known when he was in his 20’s!

Here is today’s Vital Reset ReMINDer:

Everything in your life is a result of a choice that you have made. If you want different results. Start making different choices.

My very best wishes for an exceptional day and to your long and vital life.

* Felt Meaning- A Dr. Mario Martinez term that means how you experience interpretations of your mind body patterns and cultural scripts.