“What do you want?”

Really- in artist’s canvass detail- what do you want right here and right now in your life?

What do you want your life to look like? What do you want your life to feel like? What do you want your life to sound like?

I have come to realize that we rarely get asked these questions. Not with any real depth or sincerity. From the time we are young, we are offered a small menu of possibilities, at best. For many of us, Birthdays and Christmas are two of the main times that we get asked what we want!

It is no wonder that we arrive at this point in our lives and consciously realize that we are probably not living the life we want. When asked the question, we freeze. The culturally conforming conveyor belt does not support individuality. It supports uniformity. We live in an A or B existence. Woe to him/her that colors outside of the lines or orders something not being offered on the menu. It is rare that we are encouraged to really “have it our way”!

That life you want- you can have it. You are the architect of your life. Let this concept sink in for a moment. You can have a custom designed life.

Once you have the conscious clarity of what you want, you must do three things habitually. The first is to ask yourself WHY? Why do you want these things? The second thing is to assess your current situation and to create the actionable steps necessary for successfully attaining that customized life! The third thing you must do is to hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE.

The Vital Life Team is passionate about helping you realize your “BEST SELF and VITAL” life. We are committed to your fulfillment, happiness, success and well being. We are all out in the world exploring, learning and sharing with one another the real life beliefs and behaviors that work. We want for you that which we want for ourselves- RESULTS!

“WHAT do you want?” What do YOU want? What do you WANT?


Here is today’s Vital Reset ReMINDer:
“The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you WANT.”

Ben Stein

My very best wishes for an exceptional day and to your long and vital life.