Are you moving through your day in “Creative Mode”? Or are you trying to manifest your goals and desires in “Resistance Mode”? Do you know the difference? One is solutions oriented and the other is problem oriented. Have you ever noticed that when you begin to focus on a problem- within a very short period of time, there seem to be more problems? In contrast you may have experienced “shelving the problem” and going to do something fun- when suddenly a solution pops into your consciousness. Don’t you just love it when creativity seems to flow?

We believe it is important to stop and consider three Vital Questions on a daily basis. In fact, we have found that the more you can ask these questions, the more likely it is that you will experience the joy of achieving your desired results.

The three Vital Questions are as follows:

1. Are you in Seek, Strive and Creativity Mode?

2. Are you Feeling motivated and inspired to action by your Global Emotion or Code Word?

3. Are you making decisions and acting from a place of your true Vital Age?

Practice makes perfect. As we focus our attention on those things that work and support our well being opposed to what is not working, we begin to build new and empowering belief systems. Keep it simple! It is easy to overwhelm ourselves with an excess of “to do’s”. Once our systems are overloaded, we can loose our ability to stay focused on what works. In most situations, it is better to set simple and doable goals for ourselves. As long as we are checking in with our Vital Questions – we can begin to move forward and build momentum.

Have you written in your journal today? Journaling is a great way to hold ourselves accountable. Start with five minutes a day. Keep track of your FEELINGS – and look at what WORKS! Don’t forget to celebrate your successes and accomplishments. There is no positive accomplishment that is too small to acknowledge through gratitude and celebration. Don’t forget that your body needs to MOVE! Stand up- take a walk and stretch several times a day. Try something new each day! Life is meant to be a creative adventure!

Here is today’s Vital Reset ReMINDer:
“Because of the routines we follow, we often forget that life is an ongoing adventure. . . Life is pure adventure, and the sooner we realize that, the quicker we will be able to treat life as art: to bring all our energies to each encounter, to remain flexible enough to notice and admit when what we expected to happen did not happen. We need to remember that we are created creative and can invent new scenarios as frequently as they are needed.”

Maya Angelou

My very best wishes for an exceptional day and to your long and vital life.