One of the myths people have about growing old and aging is that once we reach a certain milestone, the body is in a constant state of “dis-ease”, “de-cline” and “dis-repair”. Many have a fatalist belief system in place about aging. The truth is that the beliefs, choices and actions we hold regarding the maintenance of our bodies- greatly affects the potential for us to significantly “decelerate” the aging process.

Most of your body’s cells are significantly younger than your chronological age! Some say that we have a whole new body within 7 to 10 years. There are some body parts that rejuvenate at a very slow rate, however, most of our cells are in “regeneration mode” constantly.

Did you know that the majority of your body regenerates?

Hair– our hair regenerates and replenishes within 2-7 years

Fingernails– regenerate completely within every 6- 10 months

Stomach lining and intestines– regenerate every few days due to stomach acid- on average within 2-9 days

Outer layer of Skin– regenerates every 2-3 weeks

Red Blood Cells– regenerate every 4 months

Skeleton– regenerate every 10 years

Muscles– regenerate every 15 years

Liver– renews itself with new cells every 150-500 days

Hippocampus– recent studies show that the part of the brain that helps us learn regenerates faster when we walk rapidly, practice deep breathing, stress management and memory exercises

Lungs– rejuvenation begins within 2 hours of ceased smoking. Blood pressure goes back to normal and the flow of oxygen is regulated. Surface cells renew every 2-3 weeks.

Heart– until recently it was thought the heart couldn’t renew itself. Recent studies show that it is dotted with stem cells that constantly rejuvenate, an estimated 3-4 times over a lifespan.

Fat Cells– regeneration happens every 25 years- people believe that we loose the fat cells when we loose weight when in fact they just shrink

The human body contains about ten trillion individual cells. Taking into account all of the specialized tissues—those that regenerate quickly and those that don’t—an adult’s bodily cells are likely to be, on average, between eleven and fifteen years old.

Every day more and more modern “miracles” are happening regarding the body and brain’s ability to heal. Many times, both Doctors and scientists scratch their heads in amazement at the regeneration and healing that takes place. More often than not, we are finding that there is a Mind-Body connection that gets activated in powerful and miraculous ways when we change our beliefs about that which is possible. Neuroplasticity research alone is showing immense hope and potential for those conditions or problems that were once considered “incurable” or “irreversible”.

Here are a few vital facts worth our conscious consideration:

Vital Fact– The longer you live- the longer you are supposed to live.

Vital Fact– Science shows that you are probably going to live another 10-20 years longer than you currently think.

Vital Fact– The beliefs, choices and actions you make around aging can significantly slow down the negative effects of aging.

Vital Fact– Your body, mind and emotions are all connected and can work together to facilitate “quantum” healing and regeneration.

Vital Fact– It is important to continue making wise choices about diet- nutrition- body weight- exercise- sleep and stress reduction.

Vital Fact– Age is just a number- it is not a predetermination about any condition or state of being.

It takes a bold, courageous, entrepreneurial and pioneer spirited soul to embrace the Vital Truths referenced above. Immediately after you recognize the myths around aging- the “Culturally Conforming Conveyor Belt” kicks back in and tries to keep you moving rapidly along its path.

We are passionate about this message and we consider it our mission to help you see past the disempowering myths about aging and to support you in your ability to stay off of the CCCB* and move toward a conscientious and prudent lifestyle.

Here is today’s Vital Reset ReMINDer:

“Culture is the #1 determinant of how people age and what sickness looks like.”

Dr. Mario Martinez, author The Mind Body Code

My very best wishes for an exceptional day and to your long and vital life.