How often do you reach for the better thought- feeling and action?

One of the principles of the Vital Life Long program is that positive emotions are powerful motivators, and help to create Rapid Changes within our lives.

If you are feeling stuck in any area of your life, there are probably several negative thoughts, feelings and emotions surrounding that issue. As a result, there are also probably a few negative actions attached to those not so positive feelings and emotions!

How do you become “unstuck” and start to move toward the life you want?

Easy Peasy- reach for the better thought – feeling and action!

Scientific research on positive emotions suggests that feeling good is far more important than most people imagine. Experiencing positive emotions such as joy, love, peace and bliss ( the highest positive emotions) creates an overall state of “well being” and health. Interestingly enough, not only do positive emotions create this state of well being in the moment, they also help create well being over the long term as well.

Next time you are thinking you may want to hang out with your negative emotions such as anger- fear- resentment or sadness, consider the following scientific discoveries by psychologist Barbara Fredrickson:

  1. Positive Emotions help to diminish negative emotions- There are times in which it is perfectly appropriate and beneficial to have sadness, fear and anger. That being said, for most of us, we tend to latch onto these emotions and have difficulty shaking them off. Our health and our relationships can begin to suffer as a result of holding on to negative emotions. When we consciously choose LOVE over Fear- PEACE over Anger and JOY over sadness, the positive emotions help to dissolve the negative emotions and harmony and balance begin to be re- established.
  2. Positive Emotions Enhance Resilience- Being happy, content and confidant creates coping mechanisms and resilience. Positive emotions enhance one’s ability to have a solutions oriented state of mind, which allows us to bounce back quicker from setbacks and even infuse negative events with positive meanings.
  3. Positive Emotions can Trigger an Upward Development Spiral-If you are seeking improved well being and the ability to focus and move toward your goals, investing in your positive emotional storehouse is highly beneficial! Science shows that choosing and cultivating positive emotional responses can help with transforming people into better versions of themselves!

Research has shown that the difference between people flourishing and the difference between people who are not- lies within their ability to choose and generate more positive emotions and thoughts within their daily activities. According to positive psychology, enjoying a feeling of well being and happiness comes from living a life of purpose and a steady diet of positivity.

Here is today’s Vital Reset ReMINDer:

Positivity opens us. The first core truth about positive emotions is that they open our hearts and our minds, making us more receptive and more creative.
Barbara Fredrickson

My very best wishes for an exceptional day and to your long and vital life.