When giving the introductory presentation for the Vital Life Long program, we show you two charts. Chart One- is the chart that most of us are living our lives into. It is not a very pretty picture! It shows us peaking in our vitality, health, mental capabilities and earning capacity at around middle age and then a somewhat rapid decline after the age of 65, the current universal retirement age.

We then show you Chart Two! Looking at this chart is a transformational experience in and of itself! It shows us continuing to thrive in every area of our lives- mind, body, relationships and finance well into our late 80’s and 90’s and beyond. The interesting thing about this chart is that it is what science says is possible. This research has been available for over twenty years and yet the majority of us still have no idea that we can continue to be mentally sharp, physically strong and financially engaged (forgoing retirement) for another forty to forty five years. You may want to read that sentence a few more times!

Most people believe that there is hard science that supports and backs up the random and arbitrary age of 65 selected as the retirement age! Nothing could be further than the truth!

Your body and your mind are both designed to last and function much longer than you think!

We are not machines! We are not cars! We do not have expiration dates! The rate at which we “AGE” is directly tied to our conscious choices, beliefs and expectations we hold about aging- opposed to being tied to the age itself.

After we show you the two charts, we then ask you “The Three Most Important Questions You’ve Never Been Asked”. These three questions are life changing!

  1. Which chart are you currently living into?
  2. Which chart would you like to be living into?
  3. How will you know that you have made the jump and are living into chart 2

How will you know? We believe that once you begin to consciously realize that you are making daily compromises on the life you really want to be living that you will begin to re-align your life and choices with the life that you truly do want to be living. We call this stepping off of the “Culturally Conforming Conveyor Belt”!

Once you see that you have the possibility and probability of many years that you didn’t know you had. Changes automatically begin to happen. You begin to make changes in the way you are living today to be in alignment with the life that you really want.

Did you know that prior to the arbitrary retirement age of 65- most people lived in alignment with Chart 2? In other words, your Great Grandparents were probably living into Chart 2 without even giving it a second thought! They died with their boots on! They got up every morning, lit the fire, put on the coffee/tea kettle and then went about their day’s activities. They did not start to slow down and sit on the porch at 65. They stayed healthy, active, productive and engaged!

We at Vital Life Long Institute believe that “LIFE IS FOR LIVING”! We are committed to helping each and every one of you – LIVE THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS- YOUR WHOLE LIFE LONG!

What is the first thing you need to do? DON’T STOP LIVING! KEEP GOING FOR IT! MAKE IT HAPPEN!

My very best wishes for an exceptional day and to your long and vital life.

Love Your Truth