How committed are you to achieving your goals? Do you know the difference between a goal and a commitment? Too often, people set goals for themselves when in reality, they should be making commitments to themselves regarding actions that they will take in order to achieve their desired goals. Big Difference!


Goal- I’d like to loose 25 pounds so that I can fit into a specific dress or suit size.

Commitment- I am committed to having a healthy and fit body for the rest of my life. I will do whatever actions are necessary. I will get regular exercise, change my diet, loose weight and continue to research and refine my choices and actions around this lifelong commitment.

Can you FEEL the difference?

In an article entitled “Achieving Excellence Through Total Commitment”, Dr. Adalat Kahn defines commitment as an attitude of people for deploying their total resources towards the achievement of certain goals.” Kahn speaks of the many benefits of employees being committed within a company’s cultural environment. Kahn believes that no business, organization or person can dream of excellence without total commitment. Without it, failure and mediocrity is predictable.

In another article by yesmasters on The Fundamental Differences between Goals and Commitments, they believe that when people set a goal of working out five times a week in order to loose weight, that it is a mistake. “When you relegate an action that should be considered a commitment to the realm of goals, you allow your mind to recognize that it is something you may not be able to achieve.” The theory behind this is that achieving goals is something you do not have full control over. If, however, we make a commitment to work out in order to maintain a healthy weight and body, we have a much better chance of succeeding.

In essence, most of us are willing to make commitments to those things and people that we are most passionate about. Within the Vital Life Alignment program, we like to refer to these commitments as “Primary Choices”. Those aspects in our lives that are of first rank, importance or value. Once we have conscious clarity about our Primary Choices, ie. Relationships, Health, Finances, Spirituality etc., we can begin to use all of our resources and commitment to establish simple and doable steps and actions toward the goals that source from our commitments.

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