As we fold into the final month of 2016, I wonder how you deal with change? Do you embrace it readily and enthusiastically, or do you resist it and stick your head in the sand for as long as possible? Does change trigger feelings and emotions within you that you would rather not have to experience?

We live in a rapidly changing world! One of the core “Vital Life Principles” is that change is happening constantly and rapidly all around us. With technological advances- change is speeding up. In order to stay current and to thrive, we must be able to embrace change and see it as a friend- not a foe. One of the attributes of thriving Centenarians is that they embrace change.

What are some of the FEELINGS that come up for you when you are faced with a situation that needs change- or “rearranging”? Do you feel fear? Maybe you feel overwhelmed.

The good news is that although we identify with our feelings. We have the power to transform our feelings by changing how we view our situation. One of the most amazing tools that the Vital Life Long Institute offers is the Rapid Reset. I keep a stack of the forms printed out and right next to my laptop on my desk. Whenever I find myself wrestling with a perceived “problem”- I pull one out and “play” my way through the issue. I start by asking myself- “what is it that I really want”? The Rapid Reset helps me to dismantle the challenge and eliminates the struggle. It always propels me forward. Sometimes it feels like a baby step- even so- I’m learning to celebrate it!

December is a month filled with both family and cultural rituals. These rituals lend comfort to us. We can count on them. They are familiar. It is also a month in which we begin to look forward in preparation and anticipation of the new year. My wish for you? The same as I wish for myself, that you begin to play with the concept of change. That you remain open minded to new paradigms and ways of thinking and behaving. That you have the courage to be with that which scares you and to continue to seek new and empowering belief systems that push you toward the life you love!

Here is today’s Vital Reset ReMINDer:
Your life does not get better by chance- it gets better by CHANGE. Jim Rohn

My very best wishes for an exceptional day and to your long and vital life.